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white cotton kitchen and home textilesIt’s been a really long time since my last post and I do apologise. From an SEO perspective, it’s not good at all but at the same time, I think a blog post only makes sense when you have something of value to say (that applies to any type of communication, doesn’t it?) and today is finally that day.

By the end of November, I will have the most beautiful white cotton kitchen and home textiles. These will include plain white napkins and place mats with an ever so stylish hemstitch as well as tea towels. For those of you you who aren’t familiar with the term ‘hemstitch’, it’s a decorative stitch used especially alongside a hem. I find it adds vintage charm especially when applied to home textiles.

Product sizes and details

Napkin: 50cm x 50cm

These napkins are big in size and perfect for a messy feast as they cover the entire lap.

Place Mat: 50cm x 35cm

I decided to go with a bigger size for these place mats. What’s the point of having a pretty place mat if you can’t see it once you’ve done your place setting?

Tea Towel: 70cm x 50cm

This size has remained the same as I find it’s not too big or small but just right. This product also serves as the perfect platform for personalised or customised tea towels whether for a business as a promotional item or privately for a special occasion like a wedding or an important birthday.

As my ‘future’ mother in law says: ‘You can never go wrong with white’ and right she is as white will go with any taste or style. I have included a sneak peek of the napkins for you to drool over so long. And once the products actually arrive, I will most certainly post about it.

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