dishy designs supplies 100% cotton, great quality kitchen, home & lifestyle textiles. Products include tea towels, double oven-mitts, aprons, bags, table runners, place mats and napkins in beautifully unique designs. All products make for great gift ideas at competitive prices.

The turning point for dishy designs to go from fiction to fact came about during a visit to the home of my ever-so-glamorous, future mother in law.

She wanted to show me something in her kitchen and home linens cupboard, a tablecloth I think it was, and when she opened the cupboard door, I was dumb struck. Lying on one of the shelves was a stack of no less than 20 beautiful tea towels, perfectly ironed and folded (this, by the way, marked the beginning of a new compulsion – ironing my dish cloths after each wash). I was fascinated that these small but ever so beautiful pieces of material could be so addictive and I believed that I had found a potential gap worth exploring. The thing with kitchen towels is, they are pretty and pretty things make us happy. They are affordable and affordable has become a new way of thinking over the last few years. And you can never have enough…they are like shoes but for the kitchen.

So, inspired by the good old dish cloth, dishy designs came about.

Happy shopping!


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